Huckins Farm is where to find REAL (raw) milk, cream and fresh eggs.


About Us

After two centuries of farming high on a south-facing hill, Huckins Farm is returning to its roots, milking Jersey and Guernsey cows whose milk is high in butterfat, well suited for making butter, ice cream and cheese.  Our cows are grass fed 6 months of the year, enjoy a free stall barn and plenty of exercise.  Raw milk, cream and fresh eggs are available for sale in the milk house right on the farm.

The farm is in the process of renewal and diversification with many improvements in the infrastructure and equipment. Matty Huckins manages the farm with the help of a close-knit family. Come and visit us on the weekends or during evening chores.

52 Magoon Road, Hannaford Hill, New Hampton, NH | 603-630-8720

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